Project "Alex Garden"
The «Alex Garden» almanac is a unique project, where the magnificent museum collections and excellent modern items are joined the famous works of the past. Here every one can see the first-class jewelry, antiques and art, which one can not only admire, but buy them for their personal collections. We offer you the best from the world of fine art and haute joaillerie. Enjoy!

The author and the inspirer of «The ALEKSANDROVSKY GARDEN
– Alex Garden» edition is Tatyana Ivanova. She has been for seven
years the editor-in-chief of business Russian magazine as «Business-Review» and is well familiar with the Russian elite, knowing their tastes and predilections.

The «Business-Review» magazine is created by the Russian Academy
of business. The Academy is well-known in business and governmental circles. It carries out the events in the Kremlin, the Bolshoi theater of Russia where politicians, businessmen, cultural elite of the Russian society participate. The «Aleksandrovsky garden» almanac extends under lists among the clients of Academy of Business and «Business-Review» magazine

Tatiana Ivanova, editor-in-chief
Editorial formula
The almanac purpose is promotion of the world companies, designers, producers on the LUXE RussianGoods market.
The main tasks are development of brand recognition, brand or name advancement, acquaintance of targetaudience with assortment and a price policy of the companies.
Ways of achievement are representation of each company or the separate producer on six pages in edition ofhigh quality which give the fullest representation about brand and quality of items, mailing of the almanacto target audience which promotes their advancement and provides necessary sales.
The original decision: the works of modern designers follow articles about known museum collections ofworld level. Styles of ancient masters are coordinated with today’s followers of those or other schools andtraditions in art. Thus, communication of generations is traced and the status of modern brands raises. Thecollector or the buyer starts to understand that he (or she) purchases the items with history in spite of thefact that they can be ultramodern.
Project target audience
Men – 45% Women – 55%

25-35 years – 30%
35-60 years – 50%
above 60 years – 20%

Degree – 10%
The higher – 70%
Average – 20%
For what purpose you read the almanac
Information – 15%
Acquaintance with new collections – 30%
For the purpose of purchase – 55%

Almanac purchase
VIP – mailing – 70%
Promotion actions – 30%

The status
The owner of business, top-management – 35%
Famous persons – 15%
Wives of businessmen, top-management – 40%
The head of an average link – 5%

Preferences of products choice
Brands of LUXE class – 70%
Brands of Premium class – 30%
Brands of Mass Market class – 0%
Degree – 10%
The higher – 70%
Average – 20%
Almanac distribution
Circulation – 2500 copies

300 VIP-person of Russian businesssociety(under Forbes list)
200 Famous person (culture and art)
20 The State Duma of Russia
20 The Government of Russia
20 President’s administration of Russia
10 Russian Union of Industrialistsand Entrepreneurs
150 World Auction Houses
15 РChamber of Commerceand Industry of the
90 Russian banks management
35 Embassies, consular departments,trading and
350 The best regional companies(«Business Review»
50 Foreign banks and companiesrepresentatives
7 Royal Houses of Great Britain,Spain, Luxemburg,
Belgium,Saudi Arabia, Jordan,Thailand
330 Russian and foreign airlines
400 «Tsar Mail» (personal distributionby Rublyovo-
Uspenskoeand Novorizhskoe high road)
300 Promotion actionsand professional events
200 Participants of almanac
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