"Alex Garden"almanac
Luxury in reliable hands or how to invest
More information about the products and collections project participants can be found on the pages of the almanac "Alex Garden".
The «Alex Garden» almanac is a unique project, where the magnificent museum collections and excellent modern items are joined the famous
works of the past.

Here every one can see the first-class jewelry, antiques and art, which one can not only admire, but buy them for their personal collections. We offer you the best from the world of fine art and haute joaillerie. Enjoy!
About Project
The author and the inspirer of «The ALEKSANDROVSKY GARDEN – Alex Garden» edition is Tatyana Ivanova.

She has been for seven years the editor-in-chief of business Russian magazine as «Business-Review» and is well familiar with the Russian elite, knowing their tastes and predilections.

Many well-known brands, galleries, antique shops and collectors are parties to this project.
About As
At participation and description of collections and events
The Russian Аcademy of Business
The State Historical Museum
The State historical and cultural museum-preserve
«The Moscow Kremlin»
Auction Houses Sotheby’s, Сhristie’s,
Phillips De Pury
The Dresden Art Gallery
The State museum of Oriental Art
Moscow World Fine Art Fair
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