Baselworld есть и будет, несмотря на трудности

Baselworld-2016 - завершен. 1500 экспонатов из 40 стран мира собираются в Базеле каждый год. Это уникальная площадка не имеет аналогов и позволяет часовым и ювелирным компаниям соперничать друг с другом и стимулировать свое творчество. Нынешняя выставка прошла во время непростой экономической обстановки в мире. В результате терактов в ноябре 2015 года, многие туристы отменили свои поездки в Европу, тем самым влияя на продажи, которые очень важны для швейцарской часовой промышленности. Ситуация усугубилась ввиду изменений, связанных с визовыми правилами. Были затронуты все сектора индустрии роскоши, в том числе ювелирных украшений, драгоценных камней и смежных отраслей. После крутого падения продаж на 7.9% в январе, цифры в феврале поднялись, и снижение достигло 3.3% .

Тем не менее, в 2016 году выставку посетило 145 000 человек. На выставке присутствовало 4400 представителей СМИ, что явилось рекордом.

For Swiss brands, Baselworld 2016 remains the place to be

As Baselworld wraps up after eight days of intense activity, the first assessments shared by the Swiss brands indicate that despite the slight downturn (-3.3%) in 2015, Swiss Exhibitors remain confident regarding this year’s results. The second semester should counter-balance a difficult start to the year. More than 145,000 strode the aisles of the show during this year’s edition, in order to admire creations and innovations by watchmakers, jewellers and representatives of related sectors. The wealth of the Swiss watchmaking heritage on display confirmed Swiss brands’ determination to continue cultivating their skills, convinced that they will endure despite a tough international context. Witness the impressive media coverage of the event and the constantly growing press exposure that makes Baselworld a firm focus of interest within the luxury world.

Determination and confidence are the order of the day Baselworld is beyond doubt the world’s biggest trade show of its kind, in which all partners from watchmaking, jewellery and related sectors rub shoulders. 1,500 exhibitors from 40 countries congregate there each year. This unique platform is without equal and enables all stakeholders to vie with each other and stimulate their respective creativity. Baselworld is not only the Salon where one measures time, but also the place where time is clothed in materials, technologies and values that reflect its emotional nature. A tense international context This 100th edition featured a tougher economic environment than the previous year. In the wake of the November 2015 terrorist attacks, many travellers cancelled their trips to Europe, thereby affecting end-of-year sales which are always very important for the Swiss watch industry. Stocks acquired for the festive period were only partially sold, which explains the tough start to the year. The situation has also been compounded by certain modifications involving visa regulations. All sectors have been affected, including diamonds, precious stones and related sectors. After a steep 7.9% drop in January, the figures for February herald an improvement, with a smaller 3.3% decline. One must hope that this improvement will result in restocking as sales pick up. More journalists than ever The media world continued paying close attention to Baselworld, notably via a steadily growing number of on-line TV channels and media. This edition drew a record number of 4,400 media representatives (+2.3%), and only slightly fewer participants than last year (145,000). Retailers and partners were on hand to admire the latest “Swiss made” innovations presented by the 304 Swiss brands taking part in Baselworld.

BASELWORLD 2016 in figures Participants: 145,000 Journalists: 4,400 2017 Edition: March 23rd - 30th 2018 Edition: March 22rd - 29th

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