ТОМАС МЕРСЕР и его уникальный хронометр

Легендарный производитель морских хсронометров Томас Мерсер посвящает свою первую Британнику столь же легендарной Британской энциклопедии. Уникальное выполнение этих новых и исключительных часов будет способствовать борьбе с Мышечной дистрофией.

Этот настольный хронометр помещен в специальный футляр, сделанный из стали и обитый материей в белой коже, что является надежной защитой дисков. Этот хронометр – плод чрезвычайной изощренности и эстетики. Автор дизайна – Джейк Фиппс, который и придумал этот восьмиугольный и элегантный «кабинет» для хронометра. Внешняя структура этого «кабинета» выполнена из полированной стали с дополнительными белыми кристаллами.

Фоглиэзо Литэр – автор прекрасного кожаного дизайна часов, ведущий специалист по коже, который создавал роскошные интерьеры суперяхт, ретроавтомобилей и частных самолетов. Мягкая чистая кожа покрывает «кабинет» Британники. Синий цвет – это официальный цвет часов 2015. Ведь компания символизирует морское наследие Объединенного Королевства.

Компания Томас Мерсер была основана в Лондоне в 1858 году, всегда ассоциировалась с производством морских хронометров и является крупнейшим производителем такого рода часов в истории.

Среди наиболее примечательных моделей – хронометр 8306 – победитель Гринвичских испытаний в 1911 году и 5229, - эту модель использовал сэр Эрнест Шекслтон в 1916 году во время своего длительного путешествия на лодке Джеймс Кэард в процессе Императорской транс-антарктической экспедиции. На пике славы у компании было несколько хронометров, сделанных для королевской семьи, а также те, которыми экипирована HMS Britannia.

В 2012 году компания возобновила создание лучших морских хронометров с современным дизайном, связанным с морем, абсолютно ультрасовременных и подчеркивающих индивидуальность их владельцев.



Legendary Marine Chronometer manufacturer Thomas Mercer donates its very first Britannica to Only Watch 2015. A unique execution of this new and exceptional timepiece, it will contribute to the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

For its first participation in Only Watch, Thomas Mercer donates the very first piece of its soon-to-be-released Britannica. This table chronometer is encased in a unique, dedicated cabinet. Made of steel and upholstered in white leather, it is home to an exceptional chronometer movement, sheltered behind a one-of-a-kind bas-relief dial.

The Britannica is a table chronometer of extreme sophistication. The aesthetics are the work of British furniture designer Jake Phipps. A practitioner of the geometric rendering of mineral crystals, he was inspired to create a sleek, slender and octagonal cabinet. The Britannica's base and external structure are made of extensively polished 316L steel. It is also fitted with a set of extra-white crystals which provide an all-round view on the Britannica's exceptionally polished and bevelled movement.

An additional touch of distinction of this truly unique timekeeper comes from the fine white leather that is signed by Foglizzo Leather, leading specialist in leather for the ultra luxury interiors of superyachts, vintage cars and private jets. This soft, pure leather covers the whole cabinet of the Britannica. The white exterior, combined with the blue of the dial, represents the official colours of Only Watch 2015. Having furnished some of the world’s greatest and most exclusive yachts, the know-how of this special partner enhances the seafaring universe of Thomas Mercer, a company proud to be a crucial part of the United Kingdom's marine heritage.

The Only Watch Britannica stands out with its custom-made celestial map dial. Equally one-off, it represents the Geneva starry sky as it will appear on the night of the 2015 Only Watch auction. The hand-painted blue background is set with a bas-relief constellation map and Roman numerals made of polished steel. They are circled by an outer ring, also made with the bas-relief technique and made a dark shade of grey by galvanic deposition of ruthenium. Sharp angles and straight lines underpin and complete the case's geometric design.

The Britannica is endowed with the TM0802 calibre. It features an eight-day power reserve, a trait indelibly linked to Thomas Mercer’s most famous historical chronometers. It is fitted with a fusee-and-chain transmission system, which acts as a gearbox, constantly changing gears in order to provide the movement with an almost constant level of torque, thus stabilising the movement’s frequency.

Thomas Mercer’s TM0802 calibre ticks at the rate of 14 400 vibrations per hour. True to the legacy of both British marine chronometers and Thomas Mercer, it is fitted with a spring detent escapement. Also known as “chronometer escapement”, it has proved the most accurate and reliable of all. It is now one of the rarest features in clockmaking. The escapement works in close conjunction with a balance wheel that is unique and specific to Thomas Mercer. The ovalising balance is a uncut ring of brass, fitted with regulating screws, and reinforced with a cross-bar made of invar. This reputable alloy helps it keep its shape, and therefore specific rhythm, while temperature varies. It is coupled with a cylindrical hairspring. All of these parts are located above the dial and visible through a set of extra-white crystals.

About Thomas Mercer

Thomas Mercer is a British based company established London in 1858, its name forever synonymous with the marine chronometer, being the largest manufacturer in history.

Among the most noteworthy chronometers are No. 8306 - winner of the 1911 Greenwich Trials - and 5229, used by Sir Ernest Shackleton in 1916 throughout his epic open boat journey on the James Caird during the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. At the top end of Mercer production there were several chronometers made for the Royal Family, as well as those that equipped the HMS Britannia.

In 2012 the company was relaunched with the vision of creating the world’s finest marine chronometers, where the most sophisticated and modern design meets the attributes of Britishness and affinity with the sea to create cutting edge timekeepers that will be as individual as their Owners.

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