Новая эра в Сетхи Кутюр

Новая коллекция от Сетхи Кутюр (Sethi Couture) была создана под руководством промышленника и дизайнера Пратимы Сетхи с учетом его эстетических вкусов. Тонкие грани ювелирного изделия создают характерный стиль, весьма современный и в то же время находящийся вне всякого времени, если взглянуть на изделий с точки зрения его цветовой гаммы, когда демонстрируется изысканное очарование натурального цвета бриллиантов, а также его розовых вариантов. Довольно драматично выглядят в этом кластере и серьги, и ожерелье и обручальные кольца. Сетхи на самом деле демонстрирует тонкие и очень женственные украшения с использованием 18-каратного золота, естественных природных мотивов, которые как бы устремлены в будущее.


Magic Mike XXL Premiere


Jenna Dewan-Tatum wore Messika jewels and Elizabeth Banks wore a Sethi diamond band at the Magic Mike XXL


Sethi Couture:

A new era at Sethi Couture has been established under the leadership and distinct aesthetic of merchant and designer, Pratima Sethi. The burgeoning fine jewelry line creates a distinctive style that is modern and glamorously timeless through a signature interplay of color, showcasing the exquisite allure of natural color diamonds alongside strikingly beautiful white diamonds in rose cuts, briolettes and old mine cuts. From dramatic earrings to simple diamond cluster necklaces and engagement rings, Sethi Couture offers collections that are light and lacy, delicate and feminine. Set upon the backdrop of 18K gold and designed with nature-inspired motifs, the colorfully captivating pieces transcend time, place and occasion - offering casual luxury for the fashion-forward, savvy sophisticate. www.sethicouture.com


Diamonds shine bright in the Messika family story, handed down from father to daughter. A prominent figure on the diamond trading scene since he started out in 1972, Andre Messika brought his daughter up on dreams dusted with jewels, punctuated with trips around the world to source extraordinary stones.

Surrounded by Legendary gens from a young age, Valerie Messika moved away from diamond trading to concentrate on her passion for design and love for precious stones, she has blazed a glittering trail in the very close world of fine jewelry. Valerie Messika's philosophy is to the imagine, dream and create. her strengths lie in her fertile imagination, keen eye for detail and the ability to challenge herself everyday.

Carefully graded for size, color and purity, each stone is an immediate stimulus for new detail, a curve, or movement. Father and daughter represent two facets of a single passion for the eternal stone. And one day, Valarie Messika may well overtake the master, as the Messika name shines on, in the jewelry firmament.

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