James Batterwick покажет на TEFAF рисунки Александра Богомазова

Редкий ансамбль из 12 работ – две картины маслом, две акварели и восемь рисунков – будут показаны на TEFAF в Маастрихте Джеймсом Баттервик.

Это будет беспрецедентная возможность для западноевропейской публики полюбоваться работами одного из самых недооцененных гениев начала 20 века, который писал в стиле «кубического футуризма». В основном его работы находятся в частных коллекциях в Москве и Киеве.

Вообще его стиль частично исходит от французского кубизма и итальянского футуризма и даже британского вортицизма. Он стремился изменить восприятие движения, заключавшего в себе разные идеи и разные виды транспорта и городской жизни на Крещатике.


A rare ensemble of twelve works – two oil paintings, two watercolours and 8 drawings – by the Ukrainian Cubo-Futurist Alexander Bogomazov (1880-1930) will be shown by James Butterwick at TEFAF Maastricht 2015 (March 13-22).

It is an unprecedented opportunity for a West European audience to admire a substantial body of work by one of the most under-rated geniuses of the early 20th century, who is represented mainly in Museum and Private Collections in Kiev and Moscow.

Bogomazov pioneered a new aesthetic – based partly on French Cubism and Italian Futurism, and anticipating British Vorticism – imbued with powerful rhythm and angular tension. He strove to change perceptions of movement, as superbly embodied in such magnificent views of transport and city life as Khreshchatik (1914), Tramway–Lvovskaya Ulitsa (1914) and Locomotive (1915).

One of Bogomazov’s final works, a preparatory watercolour for his never-finished painting Log- Rollers (1929), will also be on display at the James Butterwick Stand (# 708) at TEFAF 2015.

‘The picturesque boldness of Bogomazov’s paintings is mesmerizing; the power and sophistication of his works on paper amaze us... Anyone encountering Bogomazov’s work for the first time will ask why such an idiosyncratic and instantly recognizable artist remains so little known.’

– Elena Kashuba-Volvach (Ukraine National Art Academy)


ALEXANDER BOGOMAZOV was born in Yampol (near Kharkov) in 1880, in what was then the Russian Empire. After studying agriculture in Kherson, he joined the Kiev Art School in 1902 – but was expelled for political activism in the wake of the abortive 1905 Revolution. He moved to Moscow to study with Konstantin Yuon, but was back in Kiev by 1907, exhibiting there regularly until the landmark Ring exhibition of 1914 (also starring Alexandra Exter), where he showed 88 works. That year he also published his treatise Painting & Elements before spending most of World War I in the Caucasus region, returning to Kiev in 1919 to teach painting and help found the Ukrainian Agitprop Movement. From 1922 to 1930 he was a Professor at the Kiev Art Academy. He died in Kiev from tuberculosis in 1930, aged 50.

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TEFAF Stand 708 13-22 March 2015

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