Французские ювелиры будут показывают свои изделия на VicencaOro в январе 2015 года

7 французских производителей высокого ювелирного искусства, представляющие 10 брендов, будут присутствовать на выставке в выставочном центре Виченцы с 23 по 28 января 2015 года. Многие модели представляют собой сочетания белого, желтого и розового золота вместе с драгоценными камнями, черными алмазами и жемчугом с Таити, а также будут показаны изделия из серебра с цирконами и белого золота с белыми бриллиантами и многие другие.

French jewellery and high-jewellery at VicenzaOro, January 2015

7 French jewellery and high-jewellery manufacturers selling 10 brands will be attending the VicenzaOro trade fair from 23rd to 28th January 2015 at Italy's Vicenza Exhibition Centre. 5 of these manufacturers will be together in new Hall 7, 1 in Hall 6 and 1 in Hall 1.

- Some models presented are designed in 3 golds: white, yellow and rose. Whilst a setting with diamonds accentuates the gold, a combination with coloured stones offers pretty balances of shade and tone (Sequin rings, Pin'up rings, Waterlilies range and the Masviel collection).

- Square and rectangular shapes are the order of the day for precious and fine stones in cushion, princess or emerald cuts (Damier rings, Idyilique ring, Rainbow of sapphire shades rings).

- Jewellery combines black and white: black ceramic, black diamonds and Tahitian pearls for example, or white gold with white diamonds and silver with zircons (Night & Day range, Eden ring, Bagatelle range).

- All-metal jewellery (gold, gold and silver-plated) comes in a multitude of shapes: stars, feathers, faceted balls (Murat collection, Marcel Robbez Masson collection).

- Finally, a few weeks before Valentine's Day, a few collections also boast a range of hearts: diamond pavé, gold and silver (Love ring, Chérie Lady O necklace, Murat collection).

Come and meet our manufacturers on their stands and discover their collections at VicenzaOro 2015.

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