Танцующие бабочки

Бабочки живут всего лишь один миг, они элегантны, они всегда вдохновляли поэтов и музыкантов во всех уголках мира. Все, кто их видит, всегда просто влюбляются в их красоту. Сила и легкость бабочек вдохновила дизайнеров компании Сичис на создание уникальных изделий.


Butterflies live a single instant as an infinite time, they are elegant and mysterious and have inspired and keep inspiring poets, writers in every part of the world. Everyone who sees them, fall in love.

This strength and lightness captured also Sicis Jewels designers that chose the butterfly to make the beauty a universal concept. The uniqueness of these pieces lies in the design, but also in the micro-mosaic technique reinvented by Sicis with a contemporary savoir faire. The charms are entirely hand-made by micro-mosaic Masters that wisely install the micro tesserae realized with gold and Venetian enamel creating incredible colours and shades.

Few people know tha,t before flying, a butterfly has to get free of the cocoon with extreme fatigue and, through these efforts, it gets the force to fly in the air. Also Sicis had to make meticulous researches and studies about the ancient technique of micro and nano mosaic, the materials and the artistic aspects before realizing these unique jewels.

The micro-mosaic charms are realized in limited edition for Christmas and there are two versions available: one with diamonds and yellow gold, the other one with yellow gold. Sicis designers came up with a different design for each Sicis Jewels showroom in Milan and Paris. Each boutique will have an exclusive pattern that is on sale only in the relative showroom. The butterflies will be available at the beginning of December exclusively in Sicis Jewels boutiques.

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